Roof Repair Safety Tips

A Few Safety Tips on Roof Repair

You may watch professional roofers, insurance adjusters, and roofing salesmen, navigate the surface of your roof with ease and seemly no fear.

But the truth is most roofing professionals have a healthy respect for safety while they are on a roof. Experience has taught them that just one little slip up and a fall from a roof or ladder could end their careers in the roofing industry. Here’s a few tips from our friends who are roofing contractors midland tx.

The DIY homeowner should have even more respect than the professional for safety when he chooses to take on a project that calls for getting on the roof. Safety is always first when there is any chance of bodily injury.

Unpredictable fall hazards can catch even the most experienced roofer off guard. Unexpected danger can be lying in wait in the form of a loose shingle waiting to be stepped on, a sudden gust of wind causing you to lose your balance, or a sheet of rotten decayed plywood or OSB allowing you to step right through the roof. It is always wise to take the time to think ahead and eliminate as many risks as possible.

Have a well thought through plan for your project ready before you ever set one foot on a ladder. How well you are prepared for your roofing project will make a major difference in how safe and how smoothly your job will run. Make sure all the tools and equipment you use are safe and reliable.

Having a safe sturdy ladder is a must. Especially if it is an extension ladder. Don’t cut yourself short, make sure you choose the right length of ladder for the job. You should always pay close attention to weight load ratings for the ladder. Check to see if the rating is for the person and includes the material you may be carrying up the ladder with you.  Anchor your ladder and stabilize it by tying it off. And make sure the base of the ladder it is on a solid and firm surface.

Never get on a wet roof. A pitched roof is difficult to maintain a steady footing even when the surface is not wet. Rain, snow and ice are a roof hazard you do not what to attempt walking on. It’s good to remember that an object in motion stays in motion, and you don’t want to be that object sliding down the roof due to bad judgement. The ground could be the stopping point. If possible wait until you have a sunny day and the roof is good and dry.

Getting on a hot roof is extremely dangerous as well. Most all roofing materials reflect heat. It is hard for even the most seasoned roofer to work on a roof when temperatures reach extreme levels. When composition shingle are hot the asphalt on the fiberglass mat cannot be walked on without damaging the shingle. Another hazard about getting on hot roofs is not realizing how hot it really is up there and falling prey to dehydration.

“Be Safe, Be Alert, and Be Educated” whenever you climb upon a roof.





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